Queensland Maritime Museum – Volunteer Recruitment

supported by RSL South Eastern District Ltd

On behalf of the Queensland Maritime Museum (QMM) Board, I write to ask you for your assistance with a volunteer recruitment campaign. As you may know the QMM is totally dependent on volunteers – we employ no staff.  To continue operating we desperately need more volunteers.  

We wondered would you be so kind as to print out this flier for your notice board, perhaps include it as a permanent advertisement in your newsletters and maybe upload it to your website? It is a lot to ask, I know but we are so desperate for volunteers to keep us afloat.

Perhaps, some of your members may like to visit the QMM as a group to learn more about volunteering? 

Point of Contact: Sally R May, Volunteer Curator QMM

Mobile: 0487055680 Email: sally.may@maritimemuseum.com.au 

Website: maritimemuseum

  Recruitment Flyer