The first Brisbane ANZAC Day Parade took place on the 25 April 1916. While we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for a freedom during the Dawn Services and other services of Remembrance, the ANZAC Day Parade is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise all those that have served and still continue to serve our country.

The parade will be held between 10:00am and 12:30pm.   The parade will feature former and current veterans, their families and many other groups that contribute to the Parade that make it the commemoration worthy of its heritage.

All Veterans and their families are encouraged to march and should contact their Ex-Service organisation in advance or head to the Information Tent on Queens Park at the junction of Elizabeth and George Streets or along George Street across from the junction with Charlotte Street to find a volunteer in red who will direct you to your form up point (FUP) in the march.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to deliver the Parade or otherwise assist in the ongoing event organisation can complete the enquiry form at the link below;

Anzac Day Parade Volunteer Application